Humanitarian of the Arts
($1000.00 and Above)
Geraldine T. Boone
Julius E. McCullough
Sandra Broadus-Hernandez
Dr. Brynda Parker
Jeanette Wallace
DeVaughn Q. Scott-Smith

Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities
First Baptist Church, Berkley
Club DeJouir
Margot Williams
Mrs. Connie McCullough-Brown
David Whyte
Calos Clanton & Norfolk Education Foundation 

Virginia State Senator Yvonne Miller
Dr. Carl W. Haywood
Francis Picot
Yvette Crawley
Sandra Broadus-Hernandez
First Baptist Church, South Hill
Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church, Newport New, VA
Norfolk Foundation for the Arts

Jacqueline Winston
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Norfolk
Continental Societies
SEW JR. Scholarship
Tyrone/Cecelia Brown
Dorothea Howard
DeVaughn Scott-Smith
Inez Jones
B. Alexander & Associates
Miss Catherine Wilson
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew Church
The Hampton Rods Choir Directors'/Organists' Guild
Bishop Carlton R. Upton, Sr. & Tabernacle Christian Church, Suffolk
Chi Beta Chi
Habitat for Humanity, South Hmpton Roads
John Alexander
Norfolk United Methodist Church
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Norfolk
Frank T. Elliott

Ferman Covington
Elvira Etheridge
Ken Wooling
Dr. Robert Parsons
Clarice Sharp
In Memory of Pearlie Edwards
Dennis Gerguson
Blondell Malone
Wayne Edwards
Dorothea Bagby
Hampton Roads Gazetti
Evelyn Cason
Corliss Baugh
C. D. Mellanson
Elizabeth V. Eccles
Shirley Nottingham
Norfolk Branch NAACP
Johnny Wilson
Gregory Gardner
Dorothy Harrison

2018-2019 Contributors
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